Bringing an easier washing experience!

Providing better cleaning results plus enhance protection for your clothes


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Choose your Washer!

Select either your fully automatic or Twin Tub Washer from the accordion below!

Front Load – 8KG

Front Load – 9KG

Front Load – 10KG

Front Load/Dryer – 10KG

Full Auto – 8KG

Full Auto – 13KG

Full Auto – 16KG

Twin Tub – 7.5KG
Twin Tub – 10KG
Twin Tub – 13KG

Clean and fresh
in just
15 minutes…


A much quieter

Lasts longer

Less wear and tear than
a regular motor

Saves energy

Kinder to the environment, and
your pocket!



Are you ready to tackle the most

Demanding Laundry?

Hisense Washers got you covered!


Eliminate bacteria and allergens from
your laundry.

A 95° antibacterial wash is more effective at eliminating bacteria and allergens from your laundry,
offering a greater degree of protection to you and your family.

Up to 5 years warranty, on all Hisense appliances.

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